How to Communicate with Your Teen…”Yes, It Can Be Better!”

It is not unusual at all for teens to speak to their parents with one-word answers. “Where are you going?” “Places.” “When will you be back?” “Sometime.” “Who will you be with?” “People.” It’s true. Teens can be very challenging to communicate with. On the flip side, the benefits of good communication are quite amazing. Having an open relationship, hearing from your teen when they are scared or angry,

Parenting Tip: Children and Friendships

Children with friendship problems come from all types of families. These problems are not a sign of poor parenting. Some children have difficulty making friends or keeping friends and some children have difficulty picking up on the social cues required for maintaining relationships. If your child is having friendship problems, discuss this with your child openly. You are the best person to help your child solve children and friendship related issues.

PARENTING TIP: A Father’s Crucial Role

“My father boosted my career by giving me the freedom to choose my own path and by proudly devouring every word I ever wrote”, writes Hal Lancaster, a journalist for the Wall Street Journal. As a therapist who works with many adults and their families, I regularly hear of the profound impact a person’s father had on them. I am often touched when I hear people say things like,

Tips on Anxiety and Stress: “How to Keep Your Joy… In a Negative World”

Have you ever gone into a situation feeling quite happy and satisfied, only to come out with a baffling sense of negativity? Have you ever had a friend, family member or co-worker who leaves you feeling poorly about yourself, your competency, or the state of the world? Feelings and moods are contagious. Parents absorb the negative feelings and stresses of their children.

Tips to a Better Life: “How To Love Your Life!”

Do you love your life? What really makes you happy? Do you want a better life? When working with children in my practice I ask them what they wish for. A child of a dentist wished for a room full of candy. Another child wished for 100 puppies. Someone else wished for a million dollars. Kids understand that we increase our happiness when there is an ample supply of the things that bring us pleasure.