Happy Person with Bubbles

The happiest people practice daily what makes “happy” happen for them and others.

Practice does make perfect! Without practice, average is the best you can expect to achieve at most things. This includes being happy. 

As a licensed therapist and change expert, I have come to recognize 5 Practices of the Happiest People. See if you recognize any!

1.  The Happiest People Practice “Smiling”

Science has shown that the act of smiling releases chemicals that produce good feelings. Really!

To be happier, the practice of smiling is a must! Yes, even when you don’t feel like it.

Smiling routines are a good way to keep you practicing daily. Try these:

  • Smile at the first and last person you see each day
  • Each time you look in the mirror smile at yourself
  • At each new encounter with your wife, kids, etc. make sure you smile

2.  The Happiest People Practice “Healthy Thinking”

Are you a healthy thinker? Do you fill your mind with thoughts that make you feel healthy and happy?   The happiest do!

The thoughts you put into your mind and chew on have a direct impact on how you feel – like food, but even more so!

Negative thoughts produce negative feelings and, yes, positive thoughts do produce positive feelings.

The happiest are careful about what they put into their mind. They practice restraint and limit the consumption of negative news and information that makes them feel bad.  

By managing the type of thoughts you chew on, you are taking charge of your mental and emotional health, which is a happy thing.

3. The Happiest People Practice saying, “THANK YOU!”

Good feelings are stirred up when you say, “thank you!” Have you ever noticed this?

Saying, “thank you” almost magically opens you up to receive good things and the positive feelings that follow.

When you say, “Thank You!”, you shine a light on the good. It’s also a way of sharing and savoring positive actions.   You can’t say, “thank you” enough! Really!

Thank you! 🙂

4.  The Happiest People Practice “Acceptance”

Life happens! Daily, life deals us minor and major frustrations. And sadly, life deals everyone major losses.

Acceptance is the act of letting go of things you cannot change. People that struggle to let go have a weak ‘acceptance muscle’. By practicing acceptance, the happiest develop the strength to let go so they can grab hold of the good and those things they can change.

The ability to let go is incredibly freeing. And, freedom is a happy thing. If you want to be happier, practicing acceptance is a must.

5.  The Happiest People Practice Learning Peoples Names

There is no sweeter sound than the sound of one’s own name and the happiest people know it!

The happiest people not only like to feel happy but they also like to make others feel happy.

People feel valued and liked when you learn their name. Also, knowing a name creates a personal connection. And given people tend to like those who like them you will end up with friends everywhere you go.

And, Oh!, people who have many friends tend to be the happiest people.

Remember, Happy is what happy does!

How about you? What do you regularly practice that makes you happy? Please share your thoughts with us in the comment section below! Thanks!

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Michael Webb is a licensed therapist with a private practice in Newport Beach, CA. He has a passion for helping individuals and couples achieve Better Lives and Better Relationships. Click here to learn more about Michael.