5 Reasons People Don’t Change

Thinking About Change

Why don’t people change?  It can be confusing!

Over the course of my many years counseling individuals and couples, I have come to recognize 5 REASONS PEOPLE DON’T CHANGE.

Do you recognize any?

1.  Little Motivation To Change

Most people lack the motivation to change until their life and/or relationship is sufficiently broken. For marriages, it is often too late. Why so little motivation?


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Happy Person with Bubbles

The happiest people practice daily what makes “happy” happen for them and others.

Practice does make perfect! Without practice, average is the best you can expect to achieve at most things. This includes being happy. 

As a licensed therapist and change expert, I have come to recognize 5 Practices of the Happiest People. See if you recognize any!

1.  The Happiest People Practice “Smiling”

Science has shown that the act of smiling releases chemicals that produce good feelings.

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WOMEN IN TRANSITION: “Now What & What Now?”

Through my work with women in my individual counseling practice in Newport Beach, it has become clear to me that “midlife” isn’t a popular term anymore.  After all, “40” is the new “30” and “50” is the new “40” and so on, right?  Midlife tends to speak a little too directly to the process of aging (a little denial, please?) and calls up images of “midlife crisis” as an explanation for adults reliving their youth (sometimes with destructive consequences). 

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“I didn’t Call You A Slob!”: Couples Counseling Tips

Being a fairly rambunctious boy in Junior High, I got into trouble one day during lunch and was ordered by a teacher to sit down for the remainder of the lunch period.  In frustration, I said, “That sucks!”  The teacher, having thought she heard a different word, proceeded to take me to the principal’s office.  I recall being very upset because I was getting into trouble for something she misinterpreted. In my couples counseling practice in Newport Beach,

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