7 Crucial Reasons to Take New Year Resolutions Seriously

New Year Resolution

I’ll admit … as a change expert and licensed therapist, I’m biased! I believe any opportunity not taken to grow is a lost opportunity. The New Year is one of the best times to take the leap toward a better life and better relationships.

Let me share  7 Crucial Reasons to Take New Year Resolutions Seriously this and every year.

1.  Resolutions are Crucial for Self Care

People invest in what they value most!

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“Keeping Your Marriage Strong!”: Couples Counseling Tips

Couple Having Fun

I recently found myself bragging about my marriage to a friend at a party. Actually, it was a “mutual bragging” as we shared about our spouses and the qualities we valued in our marriages.

At one point, I nudged my friend and jokingly said, “Yeah, next year we’ll hear the other is getting a divorce!” We both laughed! You know the laugh – “Ha ha ha! That would never happen! Never!” But my joking comment begged the question,

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Common Issues Addressed In Counseling